Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Kimberly Louise :)

Dear Kim,
i love you! we have had so many fun times together! i will be so sad when you leave :( but we have 5 months together! i will learn to speak some german before you leave, and you know i'm going to come visit :) we have to write all the time! i love when you make cute mistakes with your english. its so funny. but i always help you :) i'm glad you came to florence because you've really touched my life. i wouldn't choose to spend my Sophomore year with anyone else. i will be so sad when you leave but i'm glad you came here and spend time with me. we have to go play frisbee golf again and go on another double date. btw readers; while i'm writing this kim is getting ready while singing very off key while wanting a coke! well thats all i can write, i have to get ready so we can go cheer for the "esclavos" at the dodgeball tournament. and have great times. <3 i love you kimberly louise.

love always,
Abigale Louise. :)

(we have the same middle name!)

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